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Haunting and Spiritual Stories

"This book is a collection of short stories. They stand by themselves, individually, and seek to enable a scintillating excursion beyond the common four walls of life. I wish to seduce the imagination with a subtle convergence of storytelling, quietly seeping into questions of considerable moment. Some of the stories are just plain scary." 
-Kenneth G. Gary, Author


"Wow! This was one of the most complex ghost stories I've ever read. Nothing suddenly jumping out, and yelling 'BOO!'. Instead a tale that works on the mind, much like the movie Chinatown. Clues are introduced, taken away, and then reintroduced for a conclusion that is more mental than paranormal, showing the horrors that can be found in the human mind. And like Chinatown, this story will need to be read two or three times to gather all the nuances. A true masterpiece of haunting. Not scary- terrifying" 
-Lester K. Kloss Jr., television producer. From the blog


"Haunting and Spiritual Stories is a masterpiece, a stellar collection of superb storytelling and an instant classic. Kenneth Gary and his sister Hedy Gray, do Edgar Allen Poe and Rod Serling very, very proud. Their phenomenal stories will transfix and transport you to heights and depths of emotion and imagination never before experienced. Extraordinarily, exquisitely, and eloquently crafted, Haunting and Spiritual Stories is a veritable, vivid artistic feast of and for the mind, body, spirit, and soul. Quite simply I have not been able to put down Haunting and Spiritual Stories and neither will you!" 
-Gary Hines, music director/producer, Grammy award-winning Sounds of Blackness


"Where Once Upon a Time is far more than just a story!" 
-Bill Berry Jr., publisher/CEO aaduna Inc.

Internal illustrations by Kasim "Guillotine" Gary 
Cover by Ean K Pegram

Haunting and Spiritual Stories

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