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With spine-shivering excitement, it is CALENDEATH season once again!  What artistic voyages await CALENDEATH visitors old and new in this upcoming 2024 installment...


Journey with us on a 13 month adventure through undiscovered, original realties in the form of a fully-functional hanging wall calendar. 


Each month contains vastly unique characters and their respective realms. All entities are portrayed by real human subjects who have been selected for an artistic transformation that blends the photography and art of Kasim Guillotine.


Since the CALENDEATH contains its very own mythology, the months of your traditional calendar have undergone a reshaping. This includes a unique renaming of the months, such as Sawgust, No Escapril, and Mayhem, as well as the addition of moon cycles, unconventional holidays, and more.


  • STANDARD - Receive a CALENDEATH 2024 with your name included in the SPECIAL THANKS portion, limited edition print, and free shipping upgrade

    DELUXE - Standard preorder package,  have your DEATHDAY featured as an official holiday in the CALENDEATH 2024, and receive an exclusive HAPPY DEATHDAY magnet

    SUPREME - Deluxe preorder package, PLUS a limited edition CALENDEATH graphic tee

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